Google Website Optimizer for Checkout

Google Website Optimizer for Checkout

Google Website Optimizer is – without doubt – a powerful optimization tool. It’s major benefits are in ease of use and workflow. For simple tests, it can be a great option. That said, if you’re a retailer and you want to accurately gauge the revenue impact of a test, you should at least consider alternate options.

There aren’t a lot of folks that are openly critical of GWO, and the intent of this thought is not bash them. To set the landscape, my biggest problems (in no particular order) with GWO are around the lack of:

  • Revenue Reporting
  • AOV Reporting
  • Step Reporting
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Merchandising Insight

Note that these potential downsides do not mean that you can not use Website Optimizer for optimizing checkout conversions rate, just that you have to set things up differently and be aware of the insights that you will have to track through alternate means.

Some ideas for things you can test effectively with GWO:

  • What elements get more people into checkout
  • What elements get more people through checkout
  • What elements impact dropoff and abandonment

Any other thoughts or ideas?