Predictive Heatmapping

Predictive Heatmapping

I have received a couple of notes lately asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on. I have been distracted with a few things but one of my favorite focuses lately has been Instant Heatmap, a product that I’m pretty excited to be a part of.

The idea behind Instant Heatmap is simple. We want to empower marketers to make better decisions before testing, saving them time and money.

By using a variety of inputs and technologies, we can judge the impact of designs, advertisements, and landing pages before releasing them to the world. By mapping this data in the traditional heat map format, marketers will receive system-based input that affords feedback without significant investment.

It’s in private beta but we are looking for participants that would find value with the service and are willing to provide solid feedback. In return, we’re willing to offer free access to the software. If you’re interested, please sign up.

This is setup to be the most feedback driven solution I’ve ever been a part of, so let it flow!