Checkout Design – Constructive Criticism & Tips

Checkout Design – Constructive Criticism & Tips

Chris over at CSS Tricks did a great screencast on how not to design a checkout process.

There’s a pretty telling quote at the end, “if you run an e-commerce site, don’t do it like this.”

The checkout in question is that of Navicat (they also has some canonical and meta issues on the SEO side, but I’ll leave that for others.) Navicat is actually a pretty awesome product for database administration, so it is surprising to see them put up such a disjointed ordering experience on their site.

Checkout Redesign Tips

Navicat Buy Now

They are probably missing out on a big chunk of revenue, and we hate to see that happen, so here are some tips for making it back:

  1. It starts with the click. The buy now button from the software should go to the appropriate buy now page for that version, the user shouldn’t have to navigate through three levels to find it.
  2. I was actually surprised to see Google Analytics on the site. If fallout reports aren’t set up, set them up!
  3. Simplify the options for the product selection.
  4. Simplify the options for checking out.
  5. Navicat is constrained by the payment processor in this case.  Upgrade!

Just a little something to get the day started… let me know what you think!